Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne is part of the Libraries Institution of Bologna, the Polo Bolognese, the National Library Service, and other important national and international networks.
It is also part of Specialmente in Biblioteca, a network of specialized libraries born in Bologna in 2016 with the intention of working together and developing promotion and communication joint actions. Specialized in different disciplinary fields and on different topics, these libraries are willing to cooperate to make their activities and resources known, to open up to non-specialist readers and to promote scientific dissemination.

The special relationship between Centro delle Donne, Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne, Archivio di Storia delle Donne e Women.it made it possible to connect documentation, politics, culture, memory, and the future.
Being simultaneously a place for research and for politics, the library serves a “bridge” institution connecting professional/academic activities with wider social movements and the civil society, representing a unique and innovative experience on a national and international level.

Since its foundation, the library has contributed to the creation of cooperation networks in the field of gender information. At a national level, it is part of Rete Lilith (documentation centers, archives and women’s libraries in Italy). At an international level, the library participated in the Know How Conference on the World of Women’s Information and hosted the IV European Conference of Feminist Research.

Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne is currently a member of: