Our Main Collection includes approximately 40,000 books, more than 35,000 of which have already been registered in the National Library System OPAC, and 472 periodicals, 34 of which are actively being published.

Historical Collection

The Historical Collection contains more than 4,000 printed books published from the Sixteenth Century to 1970, as well as posters, photographs and other materials.

Journals and Magazines

The Journals and Magazines collection hosts 472 Italian and international periodicals ready for consultation, 34 of which are actively being published.

Sofia's Library

This collection is entirely dedicated to children, teenagers and young adults’ books.

Special Collections

The Special Collections were donated to our library by leading figures of the Italian feminism and of the cultural scene.

During over thirty years of activity, Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne has gathered a unique collection, which amounts to more than 40,000 books, periodicals and other materials, contributing to the National Library Service OPAC with more than 35,000 monographic records, and to the Italian Periodicals Catalogue with 472 periodicals, 34 of which are actively being published.

As of today, the library is one of the most important women’s documentation centers in Europe, second in size and relevance only to Atria – Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History.

Our documentation covers the following thematic fields: feminism, history of women’s political movements, gender studies, queer studies, human rights, body, care, sexuality, customs, politics, new technologies and gender divide, women’s entrepreneurship and employment, new jobs, female creativity -visual arts, fiction, poetry, theater, cinema, publishing, etc.- ethics, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, religion, literary criticism, non-violent solution to conflicts, migration.